If you want to look at listings and product information by location, there’s a number of things to discover about Whitby in Ontario, Canada. This town is located by the water, making it a comfortable place to live if you want to enjoy nature in this part of the province. When you’re ready to learn more about life in Whitby and explore the available real estate in this area, peruse luxury estates to find your dream home and live the good life this year.

Whitby in Ontario, Canada

Whitby is located in the Durham Region of Ontario, where it’s nestled east of Ajax and west of Oshawa in the southern part of the province. Because this town is on the north shore of Lake Ontario, you can make the most living on or near the water after becoming a homeowner in this region. The easy access to the lake is one of the main selling points for real estate in this area, as you’ll have various recreation opportunities all year long. Given that Whitby is also one of the more population-dense places to live in southern Ontario, you’ll have plenty of things to do both right in Whitby and in nearby cities like Toronto.

Living in Whitby

Given that Whitby offers both urban and rural places to live throughout the town, you have the option to choose a home where you can pursue your chosen type of lifestyle. Residents of Whitby can even choose to work in or around Toronto, while they can also pursue employment opportunities on farms and more. With the option to travel to your job or find work at a local company like General Motor Canada, you have the ability to create the kind of life you want for your family right in the heart of Whitby in this large section of Ontario.

Real Estate in Whitby

When you’re ready to become one of the 130,000 Canadians who call Whitby home, you can start your house hunt by deciding whether or not you want to live right on the water. This commuter suburb lets you go to and from the city with ease, as it’s located in the eastern part of the greater Toronto area. After you figure out whether or not you want to be near the water, you can choose from properties in the southern, urban part of Whitby or the northern, rural part of the town to find the right community for your family near Toronto.

The properties in Whitby cater to all types of homebuyers in the south-eastern part of Canada, as you’ll find high quality places to live in both urban and rural areas. Whether you’re looking to spend under half a million dollars or upwards to four million dollars on a place, you’ll find a home your family will love near local attractions like Lake Ontario. This municipality is home to a range of communities centered around this economic hub, which gives you the chance to put down your roots in one of the area’s most popular destinations.

I would be happy to discuss real estate in Whitby with you in more detail, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information during your search for a place to live today.

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