If you’re looking at listings and product information by location, there’s a host of things you should know about Newmarket in Ontario, Canada. This town is a common place to live for Canadians who want to invest in luxury real estate near Toronto, as it’s located near every attraction the big city has to offer its residents. When you’re ready to take the next steps toward finding your dream home, learn about living in Newmarket and the available real estate in this town to experience life in one of the most popular towns in southern Ontario.

Newmarket in Ontario, Canada

Newmarket is located in the Regional Municipality of York and serves as the regional seat in this part of the province. Because it’s also in the Golden Horseshoe region of southern Ontario, Newmarket is part of the greater Toronto area. The city is around a 45 minute commute to the south of the city, so it’s a convenient place to live if you want to work in Toronto while residing and spending time with your family on the outskirts of the city.

Living in Newmarket

Whether or not you’re interested in becoming one of the residents who travels to and from Toronto every day, this former farming town is now primarily a residential area. The history of this industrial centre ensures that it’s ripe for economic growth, which has attracted some of the most wealthy residents from the south-eastern part of Canada. With help from the increases in the business services and knowledge industries as well as profitable retail sectors, Newmarket offers the opportunity to move up quickly in this growing community.

Real Estate in Newmarket

You can become a part of this booming urban area once you buy a home for your family in or around Newmarket and start laying down your roots in this part of the country. If you’re looking for features like parks and recreation areas in addition to opportunities for economic growth, Newmarket is the place to shop for featured properties. The single-family residences in this small city can sell for upwards to eight million dollars, which gives you options when considering your budget and lifestyle during your house hunt this year.

Once you’ve gotten to know more about living in Newmarket and the high-end properties for sale in this modest city, you’ll be prepared to track down your next upscale residence. This town ensures you’ll get to enjoy some peace of quiet while working in Toronto, as you can head to the city for work and then leave the it for restful downtime in the country. Whether or not you’re looking for an estate for spending time outside with your loved ones, you’ll find a comfortable place to call home in this affluent corner of Canada this year.

I would be happy to discuss real estate in Newmarket with you in more detail, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information during your house hunt in the area today.

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