Marketing Plan

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Helpful tips on marketing your home

The best way to get a good deal for your home in a timely manner is to employ strong marketing techniques. Smart marketing techniques can increase a home’s price significantly in seller’s markets, and can spell the difference between a sale and an expired listing in buyer’s markets.

Good marketing techniques might not guarantee a sale, but it will draw the attention of more potential buyers. More interested buyers mean increased chances of landing a good deal.

Below, you’ll find several basic yet helpful tips on how you can help market your home:

  • Take photos that show off your home’s curb appeal – The bulk of today’s buyers start their home search online, so photos that showcase your home’s curb appeal are a huge factor. Listings without a photo or just a lone exterior shot are often overlooked.
  • Photos of amenities – Selling a condo or a townhouse? Be sure to include photos of amenities, including the clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness rooms, or tennis courts. If your unit has a yard, make sure to include photos of that too. Highlight all the space by shooting from a distant angle, and avoid taking photos against the sun.
  • Highlight your home’s condition – If the competition in your local area is dominated by short sales and low-priced foreclosures, you can use your home’s condition to give it an advantage. Complete as many repairs as you can, or consider a termite inspection in advance before listing your home. This can serve as a major selling point, as buyers won’t imagine dealing with a sizable repair bill if they buy your home.
  • Know your competition – Coordinate with your agent or broker and find out about the average price and condition of similar homes in your area. You can visit a few open houses so you can get some insight on how your home stacks up, and what you can do to give it an edge over the competition. Be sure to relay your findings to your agent.
  • Make sure it’s easily accessible – You want your agent to show your home to as much potential buyers as possible. This can be difficult if they need to make appointments way in advance, or if your home is only available for showing during a limited timeframe.