Kelsey Geer

Known by clients and colleagues for her tenacity, honesty, knowledge and personality, Kelsey enjoys an impressive reputation. Her quick, timely responses to her clients’ needs and concerns have brought professional success on a high level. Kelsey has been selected as one of Canada’s Top 35 agents under 35 by REP (Real Estate Professional) Magazine. She makes a constant commitment to her real estate education by aligning with some of the most prominent real estate coaches in the industry.

Kelsey credits her success not only to her business acumen, but also to her focus on every client’s unique needs and expectations. To know Kelsey professionally is to see her down-to-earth personality come together with an unstoppable drive and work ethic. Her understanding of the rising real estate market and knowledge of negotiating combined with being passionate about the goals of her clients, allow Kelsey to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Working with Main Street Realty, a boutique agency dedicated to elevating industry standards and challenging the traditional real estate model, Kelsey knows that conventional marketing methods are no longer enough in today’s competitive marketplace. Constantly innovating and tailoring marketing solutions to each unique property, she will ensure your house stands out from the crowd.

Using impeccable attention to detail required to properly assist her clients’ needs, Kelsey expertly handles every aspect of her real estate transactions from start to finish.

For me, my career in real estate is more than just assisting in the buying and selling of homes. A good agent understands the market, knows how to negotiate and knows how to facilitate transactions smoothly. But I think what makes a great agent is in the time invested to really get to know the people you are working for. When you understand and genuinely care about a client’s motivations, needs and concerns, and create not only a professional relationship but a personal one that extends beyond the transaction, then you can you provide a service that truly puts the client first at all times.

My passion is to help people. No matter at business, or away from business, if you need somebody to come over and paint something, or pack something, you name it, I’m that person that wants to be there for you. To me, any success I’ve had, it’s because I love to help people any way I can. There’s no reserve in me – whatever I have, I’m willing to give to you or anyone else. ”